My child says she wants to go to school instead of homeschooling

Has your child longingly looked after the school bus as it passes by your house? Does your child think she is missing out on the friends she’ll be making at school? Your child has stated that they would like to go to school after you’ve decided to homeschool, what should you do?

When to start kindergarten?

Does your preschooler ask to do school work? Does she want to learn to read? Is it too early to start kindergarten? The answer is no…not really. If your preschooler is showing signs of readiness to begin reading or completing math why not get some kindergarten materials to work through with her. The concern is [...]

Homeschooling? How to keep toddlers occupied

Is your toddler distracting the older children from their school work? Has he managed to get into everything while you were occupied with his siblings? Perhaps he wants to join in and do school too?

Homeschooling on a budget

Is your family living on one income? Want to homeschool but don’t have enough money for expensive curricula? Don’t worry, here are some frugal homeschooling tips. With the cost of living going up without salaries doing the same, it can be a challenge homeschooling as well. How can you homeschool on a limited budget, here [...]

How to begin teaching in your homeschool

Picture schedule

Now that you have your books and lesson plans ready, what next? You’ve told your children that you will be homeschooling and they are excited. You picture your children working¬†diligently on their lessons while you work with one child, the other is working independently making homeschooling sound like the perfect solution to your schooling needs. [...]

Homeschooling? How to make lesson plans and schedules

Now that you have all your books, what do you do with them? How much work should be completed each day? It is time to make a plan and schedule for your school year or term.

Homeschooling? Purchase new or used books

How will you be purchasing you new homeschool materials? New or used curriculum? If your budget allows, after your curriculum research, you will be able to click the buy button at your favourite vendors. You will get everything in brand new condition and have all the materials on hand for the school year. If you [...]

Homeschooling? What curriculum should you use?

Now that you’ve figured out how your child learns, what curricula should you use? There is so much homeschool material out there that this may seem overwhelming. Relax, you will need to narrow down you search. Will you be using secular or christian material? What is you homeschool budget? Decide what subjects you will be [...]

How does your child learn?

You have decided to homeschool you child, what curriculum should you use? You need to determine the best way your child learns, this will aid you in choosing curricula. Various learning styles include Visual learners Рthe child who learns by looking at the information.  They are able to draw pictures better than write about [...]

Various homeschooling methods

Now that you’ve decided to homeschool your child, what next? What methods will you use to teach your child? There are various homeschooling methods to choose from, the next goal is to find what suits you best as a teacher and as a family.