What is a Classical education?

Are you homeschooling? Are you wondering what it means to classically educate your child? A classical education focuses on returning to proven educational methods used in the past particularly focusing on the art and culture of Western civilization. It emphasizes languages, philosophy, art, and literature. The philosophy is based on the Trivium which refers to [...]

What is Unschooling?

What is unschooling? It is child-led learning where the parents are facilitators not teachers. Unschoolers believe that because children naturally want to learn, they should be able to direct their own education. Parents are in a supportive role and provide materials or opportunities for the child to learn their topic of choice. John Holt, author [...]

What are unit studies?

Are you looking into homeschooling and wondering what method to use? What about unit studies? What is a unit study? It is the study of a topic or theme using numerous school subjects. For example, if we were studying butterflies, you would incorporate their history, geography – where they are found, math – count butterflies [...]

Homeschooling? What about socialization?

If you will be homeschooling, have you been asked about your childrens’ socialization skills? Over and over again my family members, friends, and neighbours. The first question that people usually ask is what about socialization? As if families who homeschool live in a bubble, not interacting with anyone around them. How will your children learn [...]

Homeschooling? Should I join a co-op?

Are you thinking of joining a homeschool co-op? What should you consider before you join? Co-ops are formed by groups of homeschooling families where one parent is responsible for teaching the students one subject. So for example, the the student may have 4 subjects that are taught by 4 different teachers. As a requirement, you [...]

What if my spouse is against homeschooling?

Have you thought about homeschooling but your spouse is against it? Do you think homeschooling would benefit your children but are having trouble convincing your spouse? Perhaps they need some time to do some research themselves. You would never make a huge decision without discussing it with your partner first, however, maybe the can be [...]

How to design your own curriculum

Have you been unable to find your perfect curriculum? Maybe you don’t have enough money to buy that brand new curriculum. Don’t worry, you can design your own curriculum. This can be done using books you already have or books from the library.

Homeschooling and expecting a newborn?

Are you expecting a newborn and homeschooling as well? Are you worried you won’t be able to keep up with school and baby? No worries, plan ahead and take some time off to enjoy the baby. Pregnancy brings a lot of joy and morning sickness as well, you will need to plan ahead a prepare [...]

Homeschooling and working? Can I do it both?

Do you want to homeschool but still need to work to provide an income? Can you really homeschool and work? Of course you can, it will take some organization and work though. Will your spouse be teaching the kids as well? What subjects with they do and will they be making their own plans or [...]