Homeschool Science Curriculum

Are you looking for the best homeschool science curriculum? What is out there and what do you need to consider before purchasing your science curriculum? Science can be a fun and engaging subject, however, reading about science in a textbook can drain all the fun away. First you must consider whether you would like to [...]

Singapore Math Review

The Singapore math curriculum is very popular among homeschoolers and teaches the Asian style of math. It differs from other math programs and focuses on teaching math concepts. Singapore math has different components to their math program which I will go into later. The Kindergarten program is called the Early Bird Kindergarten program. There are [...]

Saxon Math Review

Here is my review for the Saxon math curriculum which is hugely popular with homeschool families. The program from K to 3 is very different from Saxon math 5/4 and up to high school level texts. Saxon math K-3 program kit contains: Teacher’s manual Consumable student workbook – 2 parts (except K) Meeting book Flash [...]

Homeschool Math Curriculum

What is the best homeschool math curriculum for your child? Do you need a mastery or spiral math method? What is the best way your child learns? Do you need a mastery or spiral program? Mastery programs focus on one topic at a time until it is mastered and then move onto the next subject. [...]

Music Lessons for Kids

Why should your kids take music lessons? Music lessons are a great way to introduceĀ  a creative outlet for your children. Children who study music usually do better in school. They learn that they need to practice their skills to achieve something wonderful. By learning to play a piece of music, they learn about hard [...]

Building Blocks for Kids

Do your children love building? What is the educational value in building blocks for kids? There are Megablocks, K’nex, Legos, and Lincoln Logs, what use are these to your little ones? If they are playing with them, building, creating, and imaginative play, it sounds like a great way to learn to me. As a toddler [...]

Free Typing Programs for Kids

Are your children ready to learn how to type? When should you start teaching them? Once children and writing well, around grade 3 or 4, it is a good time to have them learn to type. Everything is done on computers now, and it will only help them. Once they are able to type, writing [...]

Teaching Your Kids to Read

Does your child know all their ABCs? Are they interested in reading and ask you what every word in sight says? When you see that your child is interested in the ABCs or asks what certain words say, I think that is a great time to start teaching letter sounds and then reading. This age [...]

Homeschool Workbox – What is it?

10 drawer workbox

What are homeschool workboxes? They are an organizational system that can be used to implement your child’s school work. Are your children always asking you what they need to do next? Are your children disturbing their siblings while they wait to work with you? You may benefit by setting up a workbox system in your [...]