Classical Music for Kids

Have fun listening to classical music with your kids in your homeschool. How can you get your children interested in classical music? If you want to expose your children to classical music, how can you get them more interested? Decide on a time of the day when you will play classical music, this can be [...]

Are You a Homeschool Curriculum Junkie?

Yes, I’m talking to you, are you a curriculum junkie? Do you have 5 math programs or 5 writing programs sitting on your shelf? I find that if you have funds available, there may be a chance that those funds can go to an endless supply of curricula. You justify every purchase by saying it [...]

Should I Make a Curriculum Change?

homeschool curriculum change

Are you or your child unhappy with your curriculum? When do you decide to change curriculum? If you are unhappy with the curriculum, you have chosen for your child, you must decide what it is you dislike about it. Is it the teaching style? Or perhaps the books are not interesting or schedule isn’t working? [...]

Tips for Homeschooling Boys

homeschooling boys

It takes a very patient mother to homeschool boys or the wiggly child, here are some tips to help you in your homeschool. I am the mother of two boys and have learned early not to compare them to anyone else, especially to other families of girls. They are different, there’s no denying it, however, [...]

Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum

Kindergarten can be both exciting and scary as you realize that you will be the one who is primarily responsible for your child’s education. What should you teach your child in kindergarten? I think the focus of kindergarten should be learning to read, letter formation, and math. Anything else that you want to add is [...]

Language Curriculum – How to Find the Best one

What language will you be studying in your homeschool this year? French, Spanish or Latin perhaps. Languages are a great way to expand your child’s knowledge and give them a sense of global awareness. It exposes them to other cultures and if they continue on to be fluent speakers, it can open up more job [...]

Homeschool History Curriculum

Are you looking for a great homeschool history curriculum? What do you need to consider first? Do you need a Christian or secular program? This should be the first question you ask yourself when you are looking for a history curriculum. What time period will you be studying? Do you want to focus on Canadian [...]