Are You Doing Too Much in Your Homeschool?

Parents want what is best for their children but can you do too much in your homeschool? Of course you can but how do you know if it is too much for your children to handle? Parents have so many resources available to them now that it can be overwhelming. Parents also want to ensure [...]

How to Buy Used Homeschool Curriculum

used homeschool curriculum

Homeschooling curriculum can be expensive, how can we homeschoolers save money on curriculum? Buying used materials can be a great way to save money on books. Before you go searching for your curriculum, do some research, know what you want ahead of time. You also need to determine which editions you will use. Publishers may [...]

What are the Disadvantages of Homeschooling your Children?

homeschool advantages

With any advantages to homeschooling, you also have disadvantages as well. As a homeschooler, you have probably heard it many times from strangers or anyone else who has heard you are homeschooling. Here are some disadvantages to homeschooling, at least what others usually think are disadvantages. What about Socialization? Do you really think a child [...]

What are the Advantages to Homeschooling your Children?

homeschool advantages

There are numerous advantages to homeschooling your children as well as disadvantages. If you are considering homeschooling or even if you just need a reminder or encouragement, homeschooling can provide loads of benefits to your children. There may be religious reasons that factor into your decision. This may be due to the fact that you would [...]