A Love for Science

I love science. It encompasses all of my favourite things, math and logical reasoning. Everything has one answer or explanationIMG_1272, you get  to explore science through experiments and observations, what fun!

This is the subject I feel most comfortable teaching and the subject that I’ve been most relaxed in. My goals for science are to expose my children to all the branches of science and allow them to explore and discover according to their interests.

Each year I have picked an area of science that I’d like to cover ie. biology, chemistry, physics or earth science. Then I break it down into various topics that I’d like to cover. I then let my son choose a subject he’d like to study, so this year we’re studying electricity.

We love lapbooking and notebooking and we use it primarily for science and history. These are my son’s two favourite subjects. He’s a very visual learner so we use lots of picture books and videos as resources. He can than record or narrate what he has learned through lapbooks or notebooks, or drawings. It’s really up to him but he prefers lapbooks.

I don’t worry if we’ll be able to cover everything, because it’s just not going to happen. But I do want them to be exposed to different topics, even if they don’t love everything. They’ll never know what they like until they’ve tried it.

I haven’t found a science curriculum that I love but I have found some things to supplement what we are doing. We don’t use textbooks but I do have a science encyclopedia that we use as a reference. We use a lot of library books, both non-fiction and living books. I pull our science experiments from Janice Van Cleave books and I don’t stress about lining topics and experiments up perfectly. They are learning and they are enjoying it.

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the subject I love teaching the most


  1. Science is my favorite too. :)