How to Buy Used Homeschool Curriculum

used homeschool curriculum

Homeschooling curriculum can be expensive, how can we homeschoolers save money on curriculum? Buying used materials can be a great way to save money on books. Before you go searching for your curriculum, do some research, know what you want ahead of time. You also need to determine which editions you will use. Publishers may [...]

Homeschool Kindergarten Curriculum

Kindergarten can be both exciting and scary as you realize that you will be the one who is primarily responsible for your child’s education. What should you teach your child in kindergarten? I think the focus of kindergarten should be learning to read, letter formation, and math. Anything else that you want to add is [...]

Language Curriculum – How to Find the Best one

What language will you be studying in your homeschool this year? French, Spanish or Latin perhaps. Languages are a great way to expand your child’s knowledge and give them a sense of global awareness. It exposes them to other cultures and if they continue on to be fluent speakers, it can open up more job [...]

Homeschool History Curriculum

Are you looking for a great homeschool history curriculum? What do you need to consider first? Do you need a Christian or secular program? This should be the first question you ask yourself when you are looking for a history curriculum. What time period will you be studying? Do you want to focus on Canadian [...]

Language Arts Curriculum – Literature

Do you need a great reading or literature curriculum? Do you really need one? When I say literature or reading curriculum, I don’t mean teaching reading as in phonics, what I’m referring to are reading or study guides to test comprehension and promote discussion. In public schools, children are often asked to complete book reports [...]

Language Arts Curriculum – Spelling and Vocabulary

Are you looking for the best way to teach spelling and vocabulary? What is curriculum is available to your students? How would you like to teach your children spelling and vocabulary? There are several ways to teach using either workbooks, lists, or dictation. Once I child is reading well, I like to focus on spelling, [...]

Language Arts Curriculum – Grammar

Are you looking for a great language arts curriculum for grammar? What do you need to consider in a grammar curriculum? Different homeschool methods have differing opinions on when and how to teach grammar to children. Charlotte Mason suggests waiting until forth grade and using a more natural approach to grammar study while classical educators [...]

Language Arts Curriculum – Writing

Are you lost in terms of teaching writing? Maybe you have a reluctant writer on your hands, how can you find the a great language arts curriculum for writing? Writing for me is the most difficult to teach because it encompasses so many things. The writing mechanics, grammar, vocabulary and spelling. When I say writing, [...]

Classic Composers Study

A classic composers study will help round out arts in your homeschool. Do you want to design your own composer study? This is a great way to study music appreciation. Charlotte Mason advocates using composer and artist study in your homeschool. Even if your children don’t play a musical instrument, they can learn to appreciate [...]

Homeschool Preschool Curriculum

Do you have a preschooler to teach this year? What should you look for? Once your children are 3 to 4 years old, they are ready to learn. This may mean different things to different people. Learning does not mean that you need to get a stack of books to have your child work through. [...]