When Do You Start Buying Curriculum for the Next School Year?

When do you start planning next year’s curriculum list? Right about now. We’re about half way through the school year, a bit more, and I have a pretty good idea of what is working and what we’ll need to change. If something is working for my children, I know that I’ll just be using the [...]

Homeschooling through the Holidays

homeschooling through the holidays

With the holidays coming up, do you continue to homeschool through the holidays, keeping your regular schedule or do you change things up? Here in Canada, our Thanksgiving holidays is in October so we continue our school as usual until we hit December. However, if you are in the United States, Thanksgiving is at the [...]

What are the Disadvantages of Homeschooling your Children?

homeschool advantages

With any advantages to homeschooling, you also have disadvantages as well. As a homeschooler, you have probably heard it many times from strangers or anyone else who has heard you are homeschooling. Here are some disadvantages to homeschooling, at least what others usually think are disadvantages. What about Socialization? Do you really think a child [...]

What are the Advantages to Homeschooling your Children?

homeschool advantages

There are numerous advantages to homeschooling your children as well as disadvantages. If you are considering homeschooling or even if you just need a reminder or encouragement, homeschooling can provide loads of benefits to your children. There may be religious reasons that factor into your decision. This may be due to the fact that you would [...]

Should I Make a Curriculum Change?

homeschool curriculum change

Are you or your child unhappy with your curriculum? When do you decide to change curriculum? If you are unhappy with the curriculum, you have chosen for your child, you must decide what it is you dislike about it. Is it the teaching style? Or perhaps the books are not interesting or schedule isn’t working? [...]

How to Homeschool Lesson Plan

homeschool planning

How do you do your homeschool lesson planning? Do you like to use a program, excel or a planner? You have all of your curriculum sitting in front of you, now what? If you are lucky to have found the perfect curriculum that came pre-planned, all you need to do is open and go. For [...]

Homeschool Workbox – What is it?

10 drawer workbox

What are homeschool workboxes? They are an organizational system that can be used to implement your child’s school work. Are your children always asking you what they need to do next? Are your children disturbing their siblings while they wait to work with you? You may benefit by setting up a workbox system in your [...]

Homeschooling a Large Family?

homeschooling a large family

Are you worried about homeschooling your large family? Are you organized enough? Don’t worry many families homeschool large families, you can do it too. The key to success is planning. You are going to need to be organized to ensure that everyone is receiving an adequate education. If you are up for the task and [...]

Homeschooling an Only Child?

homeschooling an only child

Are you worried about homeschooling an only child? What about socialization? It will definitely take a bit of work on your part but it can be done. There are many families who have only one student. If you’ve decided to homeschool, there is no reason why you should not be able to homeschool your only [...]

Eclectic Homeschool Method

Are you having trouble relating to one specific homeschool philosophy? Don’t worry, you may just be an eclectic homeschooler, and that’s okay. What is an eclectic homeschooler? You may like specific parts of a homeschool philosophy but you choose to implement some points and leave out others. You pick and choose what to implement in [...]