Eclectic Homeschool Method

Are you having trouble relating to one specific homeschool philosophy? Don’t worry, you may just be an eclectic homeschooler, and that’s okay. What is an eclectic homeschooler? You may like specific parts of a homeschool philosophy but you choose to implement some points and leave out others. You pick and choose what to implement in [...]

All in one or Boxed Curriculum

Are you interested in having everything laid out and planned for you? You may be interested in a boxed or all in one curriculum. What is a boxed or all in one curriculum? Homeschool curriculum for one grade that covers most or all of the subjects needed for the year. It isn’t really a method [...]

What is Waldorf Education?

Are you wondering what is Waldorf education? What makes it different from other teaching philosophies? Waldorf education was founded by Rudolph Steiner in 1919 in Germany, it is also known as Steiner education. Steiner looked at child development in 3 stages. Early childhood included children up to age 7 who learn through hands on activities [...]

What is the Montessori method?

Have you been wondering what is the Montessori method? The Montessori method was developed my Maria Montessori, a physician and educator from Rome. The Montessori method focuses on the development of the child as an individual person full of a natural curiosity. The idea is to nurture this curiosity during the early years (0-6 years [...]

What is a Charlotte Mason education?

Who is Charlotte Mason? She was a teacher living in England during the late nineteenth century. What is a Charlotte Mason education? Her ideas focused on teaching the whole child which was unique at the time. Children were taught to work diligently and emphasized good character traits. A Charlotte Mason education means using living books, [...]

What is a Classical education?

Are you homeschooling? Are you wondering what it means to classically educate your child? A classical education focuses on returning to proven educational methods used in the past particularly focusing on the art and culture of Western civilization. It emphasizes languages, philosophy, art, and literature. The philosophy is based on the Trivium which refers to [...]

What is Unschooling?

What is unschooling? It is child-led learning where the parents are facilitators not teachers. Unschoolers believe that because children naturally want to learn, they should be able to direct their own education. Parents are in a supportive role and provide materials or opportunities for the child to learn their topic of choice. John Holt, author [...]

What are unit studies?

Are you looking into homeschooling and wondering what method to use? What about unit studies? What is a unit study? It is the study of a topic or theme using numerous school subjects. For example, if we were studying butterflies, you would incorporate their history, geography – where they are found, math – count butterflies [...]

Various homeschooling methods

Now that you’ve decided to homeschool your child, what next? What methods will you use to teach your child? There are various homeschooling methods to choose from, the next goal is to find what suits you best as a teacher and as a family.