What do you do in the Summer?

Summer vacation may be here from the public or homeschools. What will you do be doing in the summer? I love it when summer finally arrives after the cold winters. We look forward to spendingĀ  a lot of time outside. I love the possibilities that open up once summer hits. You can send your children [...]

Delight Directed Teaching – Science

dinosaur land

If you’ve read my blog, you know of my love for science. It’s the subject that I am most comfortable teaching, that and math. I don’t think I could completely do delight directed teaching for the 3Rs but I am more flexible with the other subjects. I do like to have some sort of plan [...]

A Love for Science


I love science. It encompasses all of my favourite things, math and logical reasoning. Everything has one answer or explanation, you getĀ  to explore science through experiments and observations, what fun! This is the subject I feel most comfortable teaching and the subject that I’ve been most relaxed in. My goals for science are to [...]

Memory Box – Why it Should be a Part of Your Homeschool

I planned on having my son complete some memory work last year, but never stuck to it. This year is a new one, and since my word this year is complete, I set up a memory box for him. I put it off last year because I didn’t have the right box to fit my [...]

Great Winter Crafts

winter crafts

My goal this week is to set the books aside and get some crafting done. Here are some great winter craft ideas. I like to try a few new ones while doing the things we always do. We always decorate our windows with snowflakes and it just doesn’t seem like Christmas without them. I guess [...]

Great Educational Gifts for Kids

educational gifts for kids

I’m always on the look out for great educational gifts for my kids. I would much rather have them playing with great toys then watching TV. They do have several games systems but they get limited usage. Building toys are a great way for your kids to use their imagination and get creative. My boys [...]

Winter Lapbook Ideas

winter lapbook

You can teach your little ones about the different seasons by creating a winter lapbook. I enjoy lapbooking with the children because it’s just a more creative way for your children to display their written narrations. My son is very visual learner so it really appeals to him. Eventhough he is considered middle school aged, [...]

Great Winter Books for Kids

The Snowy Day

Luckily we don’t have any snow here yet, but winter is fast approaching, why not incorporate it into your homeschool with some fun books? What do you do when it’s snowing outside? To keep warm with your family, snuggle up and read a good book. I’ve already placed mine on hold at the library. I [...]

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

thanksgiving crafts

A great way to celebrate Thanksgiving and have some fun with your kids as well are crafts. Crafts are a great way to get in some hands on learning or just to have some plain old fun. Relax and get messy with some fun crafts, paint, draw, cut and paste. Decorate your house with your [...]

Christmas Picture Books and Read Alouds

the best christmas pageant ever

Christmas is fast approaching, what books will you be reading with your children this Christmas? Last year we read A Christmas Carol and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. This year we’re going to read Christmas in the Trenches since we are studying the modern era in history. I love Christmas read alouds, it really gets [...]