A Vacation for Mama

Summer is here and I’m looking forward to the summer vacation as much as my children. Vacations are great for mothers too. It gives us a chance to recharge and come back to things renewed. I am enjoying this break, and I just feel like I may extend it. There was a lot that I [...]

End to a Crazy Year

We are taking a much needed break from school. We are ending our school year a bit early. I would love to say that is year was the best year ever. But we fell behind and because I felt pressured to catch back up. I tried to rush through things to just get it done. [...]

School Year in Review 2012-2013

I’d like to say that this was the best school year ever, but it was not. I am terribly behind in my schedule and what I planned for the year. Math was particularly troublesome but we managed to get back on track. We stopped for a month just to work on basic arithmetic drills which [...]

In need of some motivation

I’m in need of some motivation, with all that is going on, I can’t seem to get my head into writing. I love blogging and started this blog to write and share what I know about homeschooling. I love it. However, there were so many reviews last month that I think I was a little [...]

Why We Homeschool Year Round

When things don’t go as planned, I’m always happy that we school year round. Homeschooling is a lifestyle, and with life, unexpected things arise. You may face illness, unexpected family issues, and changes. Since we must always adapt to whatever life throws at us. Our homeschool must adapt as well. Homeschooling doesn’t have to be [...]

Wrong Book Selection for Read Aloud

I was on the search for our next read aloud and looked to my list from the beginning of the year. I brought it home and within the first couple of chapters I knew that I had made the wrong choice. I take a lot of time planning what books we’ll read the next year [...]

Visit Me Over at Ben and Me

If you are looking for help for the distracted homeschooler, take a look at my guest post over at Ben and me. I have a little, well  not so little anymore, distracted, busy boy who usually has his mind on everything but his school work. What can you do to make sure you don’t turn [...]

Homeschooling Around the World – Canada

homeschooling in canada

Take a look at my blog post over at The Schoolhouse Review Crew where they are highlighting homeschoolers from around the world. Monday – China by enCouragement Tuesday – Germany by Only Passionate Curiosity Wednesday – Me!!!! Thursday – Australia by Every Bed of Roses Friday – United Kingdom by Delivering Grace Saturday – Philippines [...]

This year I will complete – 2013

carnival of homeschooling

My word for this year is complete, I get started on so many projects that I never finish. I have grand ideas that I want to implement and it never gets done. This is the year I want to complete what I start. I want to complete my thesis, which will be done at the [...]

Enjoy your Holidays, Don’t Burn Out!

enjoy your holidays

Please make sure that you are going to take some time off during the holidays to do nothing. And by nothing, I mean after you’ve prepare that big holiday meal, baked, finished your homemade gifts, Christmas shopping and holiday traveling. While you it may not seem like the holidays considering all the work that is [...]