Classical Music for Kids

Have fun listening to classical music with your kids in your homeschool. How can you get your children interested in classical music?

If you want to expose your children to classical music, how can you get them more interested?

Decide on a time of the day when you will play classical music, this can be during lunch, during break or nap time. Whatever works for your family. Introduce your children to the composer. My son always loves to get background information on the composers or artists we study. It is nice to know what period of time they were living in at the time the piece was created.

Take a field trip to a local symphony or to see a live concert. Experience  a live symphony or concert is a more rewarding experience and will truly get your child interested in classical music.

Make it a hands on experience.¬† Are your children are learning to play a musical instrument? If not, introduce them to a new instrument. Play a classical piece and point out where you can hear their instrument being played, it can give them real pleasure to see their own instruments being played in a large orchestra. It’s nice to see where the one player fits into a large orchestra.

If you are not interested in classical music yourself, your children will see this and mirror your feelings. Don’t listen to it because you think everyone else is, do it because you genuinely want to experience classical music with your kids. They may not love it, but you never know where classical music will pop up, and they may recognize it and relate back to what you were teaching them.

We started a whole study on Beethoven because my son watched the movie Beethoven, yes the giant dog. Once they can relate the music to something of meaning, it becomes more interesting.

If you cannot afford music lessons, get recorder or tambourine, make your own instruments. Just make it fun and hands on and they will definitely enjoy it more.

To listen to classical music for free try this site: Classics for Kids or you can purchase Classics for Kids.

Before you know it, you’ll have to repair a keyboard after your child destroys it from playing it too much. You never know where listening to classical music will lead your children.