Free Typing Programs for Kids

Are your children ready to learn how to type? When should you start teaching them?

Once children and writing well, around grade 3 or 4, it is a good time to have them learn to type. Everything is done on computers now, and it will only help them. Once they are able to type, writing or other assignments can be done on the computer. It can also help students who are taking online courses, if they need to interact with other students or the teacher, it becomes less burdensom.

For younger children, Dance Mat Typing is fun and gets kids to learn where the letters on the keyboard are and makes it fun. This is a nice beginner’s program.

To go further and focus on fluency, Typing Web is wonderful, you create an account so that you can always keep track of your lessons, and come back to them when you are done. My son can type up all his assignments with great ease.

It’s always fun for kids to incorporate games into the lesson, after some time on a lesson I always give him some time to play some games on these sites: word games and typing games. There’s a wide variety of games.

Before you know it, your children will be able to do their own pc tuneup. If they learn to type, this will only help them get more technology savvy. There is no escaping  technology, you might as well have your children embrace it.