Homeschooling a Large Family?

Are you worried about homeschooling your large family? Are you organized enough? Don’t worry many families homeschool large families, you can do it too.

The key to success is planning. You are going to need to be organized to ensure that everyone is receiving an adequate education. If you are up for the task and have decided to do this for your family, it can work.

Ask why are you homeschooling? Take a look at each child and set goals for what you want them to achieve by the end of the year. This will help narrow the focus of you homeschool.

Group your teaching so that you can teach the younger crowd something more slowly and the older crowd something in more detail. Or if they are all in a similar age range, teach to the older students with the younger children listening in or taking off when they are uninterested.

Set out a schedule for each student so that you are not bombarded with questions all day about what they need to do. Use diagrams or workboxes for little ones.

You can also pair up your children with a partner. Pair up a younger child with an older sibling and have them be responsible for ensuring the younger sibling gets their work done and knows what needs to be completed for the day.

You will need to schedule out specific individual time for each student to teach subjects that require one on one attention, like math. You can also have an older sibling help out here if needed.

Have a set routine, that way everyone knows what to expect and knows what needs to be done each day.

Make time to have fun – it’s hard work homeschooling, don’t forget to make time for the fun projects as well.

Tips on how to homeschool a large family:

  • Meal plan so that you are not worrying about meals during the week
  • Get all the children involve in housework and meal preparation – everyone needs to help
  • Make a plan/schedule for your homeschool during the summer – it will save you time during the school year
  • Make time for yourself, a happy mommy/daddy makes for a happy household, take some time for yourself before your children are up or after they are in bed
  • Take a break whenever you feel yourself getting overwhelmed
  • Find what works for YOUR family and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing
  • Focus on math, reading, and writing first- once you have those subjects set add in the rest little by little

Many families homeschool their children whether it is just one or ten, if you are dedicated and willing to work hard, there is no reason why you can’t homeschool your large family.