Homeschooling? How to keep toddlers occupied

Is your toddler distracting the older children from their school work? Has he managed to get into everything while you were occupied with his siblings?

Perhaps he wants to join in and do school too?

Toddlers have small attention spans and want to be included in everything. Why not spend some time with your toddler reading or playing before you start schooling the older children. If they want to be included in the school work, get them some cheap workbooks to colour in. You can also have a box with toys or items that are only allowed out during school time, that way they remain “special.”

Here are some ideas on how to keep your child occupied:

  • bubbles
  • chalk and a chalk board
  • lacing cards
  • crayons and paper
  • bingo dabber and paper
  • stickers
  • stamps
  • a box full of rice (or water or sand) with scoops/cups and other toys
  • play dough
  • math blocks or counters
  • cars and a road mat or a cardboard tube
  • puzzles
  • ice cube tray to sort small buttons or other items according to size/colour
  • cup of water and paint brush to use outside or on cardboard
  • yarn and cheerios to loop through

Basically anything that is quiet and that they can do independently. You can also have the older children take turns playing with the toddler while  you are working with another child.

Leave the  most parent intense subjects to nap times. Do your read alouds after the toddler is in bed. Wait until the weekend when the spouse is home to do your messy history project or science experiments.