Memory Box – Why it Should be a Part of Your Homeschool

I planned on having my son complete some memory work last year, but never stuck to it. This year is a new one, and since my word this year is complete, I set up a memory box for him. I put it off last year because I didn’t have the right box to fit my cue cards so this time I just shoved them into a plastic pencil case.

Every morning, my son goes through his cards and then he repeats what he’s memorized to me. Once he has memorized it completely, I’ll separate those cards out from the rest so that we only go through it weekly.

So far I have his list of verbs from french, Latin vocabulary and some math definitions pertaining to fractions. I’d also like to add in some poems as well.

What can you have your child memorize?

  • Math or science definitions
  • Poems or scriptures
  • Vocabulary words
  • Grammar terms
  • Dates from important events in history
  • Names of historical figures – presidents/prime ministers, kings and queens…
  • Speeches
  • Geography – continents, oceans, countries, states/provinces

Once you child has that bit of information committed to memory, it can only help him in his studies because he’s not struggling to recall that information.

By completing memory work, you are also exercising their brain so that their memory works even better. There are only benefits that can achieved with memory work and it only takes minutes everyday.

This is going to work really well for us since we only do french and Latin two times a week. Before I’d always have to review what we worked on earlier before beginning the lesson, this way he’ll be working on memorizing key bits of information to help him work more efficiently.

Creating a memory box is super easy and can only benefit your homeschool.

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  1. Ruth Lara says:

    Great Idea!