This year I will complete – 2013

My word for this year is complete, I get started on so many projects that I never finish. I have grand ideas that I want to implement and it never gets done.

This is the year I want to complete what I start.

  • I want to complete my thesis, which will be done at the end of this month
  • I want to complete some science printables to share
  • I want to make sure that we complete our schedule for the day
  • I want to complete our math curriculum
  • I want to complete more science experiments with my children
  • I want to complete the decluttering that I started a few weeks ago
  • I want to make sure that I keep myself complete by working out consistently and eating healthy

I successfully defended my thesis last month but still have edits to do to my thesis until I’m officially done, so I’m working on that one first and foremost.

I’d like to start creating some science resources to share with you all. I love science and we love lapbooking and notebooking so I’d like to share more of what we do. I’ve decided to forgo a formal science curriculum the rest of the year and just read, notebook, and complete some experiments. With all my own school work in the way, I was not doing a lot of our hands on projects so I hope to get that up and going again since the children love them.

With all my own work, we were not completing Jodo’s schedule each and every day so he’s a bit behind schedule. I just want to make sure that we are working consistently. I also want to make sure that we complete our Saxon 76 book. We switched our math curriculum a lot last year thinking it was the curriculum, but I believe it’s more of the way that I’ve approached math with Jodo. We’re going to be working one on one until his confidence is back up. I don’t mind supplementing when he doesn’t get a new concept, but I do want to finish this book.

We started to declutter our home so we’ve worked our way through the kitchen and bedrooms, all I have to do is go through all our clothing and donate what we don’t need and sort through my closet full of books and curriculum. It feels so good when you get rid of things you don’t need and it clears up some much needed space.

I’m going to make sure I get a good night’s sleep, eat healthy, not just pick up the leftovers from my childrens’ plates, and exercise consistently. A happy mommy makes for a happy homeschool.

I have wonderful ideas and I hope this is the year I can begin to implement everything I want to complete.

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