What is a Lapbook?

Are you interested in lapbooking? Are you afraid it will be too time consuming? Lapbooks can be as simple or complex as you like it to be.

Lapbooks are a series of mini books that are glued into a file folder that is folded into a shutter so that it can showcase all the various mini books.

The mini books are broken up into small bits of information about a topic. If you were doing a lapbook on a particular book you read, you would have a mini book on vocabulary, setting, characters, conflict and so on.

If you are doing a lapbook on world war 1, you would have a mini book about each of the countries involved and a map, causes of the war, different weapons, and a timeline of major events.

How do I use it?

You can have your child complete one as a written narration of what he is learning. Or you can complete one at the end of a unit for review. Lapbooks can also be tailored to students of different ages.

A preschooler would need to trace and have you do most of the cutting and pasting, and writing as well. An older student can research a topic, decide what topics will be covered in the lapbook and organized it. They can also type up their work as well.

There can also be games included in the books for fun, like matching cards, word searches, and crosswords.

There are places where you can purchase lapbooks from it will include a research guide with information for the lapbook or you can design your own. I suggest trying a free one first, many can be found online, to see if you like it first before purchasing one. If you purchase one, you don’t have to worry about planning it yourself.

Depending on your student, you can complete a lapbook on any subject, either cars, trains, or power tools (powermax 45), anything that interests your child. If they are interested in the topic, children will have a great time completing a lapbook. It’s a great way to showcase their work.

Favorite lapbooking books: