Winter Lapbook Ideas

You can teach your little ones about the different seasons by creating a winter lapbook. I enjoy lapbooking with the children because it’s just a more creative way for your children to display their written narrations. My son is very visual learner so it really appeals to him. Eventhough he is considered middle school aged, he still enjoys lapbooking. We just place out minibooks into a notebook instead of a file folder. This makes storing it a lot easier.

For book suggestions take a look at these winter books reading list. You may decide to make a lapbook based on a book or you can design your own.

What can you include in your lapbook?

  • How animals adapt to winter
  • Polar animals
  • Hibernation or migration
  • Snow and snowflakes
  • Christmas

Here are some free winter lapbooks orĀ  you can take a look for some inspiration for your own.

You can also add winter coloring pages, mazes, or crossword puzzles.

People seem to think that you have to be crafty or artsy to complete a lapbook, but they can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like. You can have each topic or question answered in a mini book that you glue into your file folder. The mini books can be as simple as just a one fold booklet or elaborate as a shutterfold, layer or fan booklet.

All that cutting, pasting, and coloring may seem like a bother but your children will have a wonderful end product to show for it. You can complete a lapbook at any age. For younger children, you will have to do the cutting, pasting and writing while older students can plan and research their own lapbooks.

Get out your hot chocolate so that you can warm up this winter while working on a winter lapbook.


  1. I love lapbooks. Once I graduate from college (in 2 weeks) we are getting back to them!!

    Visiting from the Crew.

  2. Congrats on your graduation from college.